Unveiled 6-19-2022 at the first annual Juneteenth in Joliet (IL) program hosted at the Joliet Area Historical Museum. Black History BINGO meets Jeopardy invites you unearth hidden history. It was created to designed to builds bridges of understanding between diverse people through the search for answers.

Conversations that ensue emphasize the importance of personal empowerment to make progress in the state of race relations. It only takes one self-aware person to affect positive change. And that person is YOU!  


  • Open-mindedness
  • Curiosity
  • Kindness


The game was intentionally designed to played in with others engaging across race, age, gender, religion, socio-economic and political spectrum. 

Each day over the course of 11 months (June 19th, 2022 through May 19th, 2023) approximately 450 Black History questions will be posted daily on Twitter & Instagram. Find them here:

Each BINGO Ball is linked to a Black History fact for example: 

Question for B-7:

This educator was the first Black Guest of Honor at the White House?

Answer: Who was Booker T. Washington.

Play is straightforward, you follow the same rules as BINGO with a twist. You cannot win if you do NOT have the correct answer that corresponds with winning balls. 



100% Inclusive… Extends an invitation to play to everyone on the planet. 


The game mixes BINGO and Jeopardy to illuminate a creative avenue to increase your knowledge of Black History.


Registration for the game is on-going.  


Hybrid-style. Richard Frederick is our designated BINGO ball caller. He will be drawing from the Joliet Area Historical Museum on June 19, 2023. You can play in person or virtually.


    The ask as you increase your knowledge of Black History. Then it shifts to taking radical responsibility for (positively) doing what you can – with what you have – where you are to navigate the explosive minefield of hidden racial bias. The challenge is to think through your thoughts about race. The goal is to clarify the correct or false nature of the narrative that unconsciously determines your actions.


    To have a more well-rounded understanding of the people, places and events that shaped Black American culture. Moreover, to dismantle barriers that stop the flow of communication. Most importantly, it’s a way to recognize and make peace with the past as a pathway to productively move forward. Oprah Winfrey said it best, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.” 

      Connect through Experience

      BIG DRAW Caricature ARTivism is introduced to capture childhood curiosity drawing out (pun intended) the best of visitors. Live caricature artists create hand-drawn images to serve as mental reminders to choose kindness.

      INTRODUCING: Black History BINGO as an indie family or group activity to look, listen and learn about African American History. Leads into the second annual Juneteenth in Joliet (Monday, June 19th 2023) program where participants who play can win cash prizes.

      How We Got Here:

      University of St Francis Unites

      Years before the 2020 social justice movement swept the nation, USF instituted campus-wide diversity equity and inclusion efforts to dismantle barriers to underserved populations. Launched 2014 (in downtown Joliet) the College of Business & Health Administration’s Business Incubator supported this goal; equipping diverse entrepreneurs with resources to achieve financial equity.

      Paying It Forward

      Instruction proved invaluable to an African American cohort member Toni Greathouse who applied the knowledge to become a Walmart Supplier. From 2016 through 2019, her company’s adult coloring books were sold in stores nationwide.

      Pivoting on Purpose

      The groundwork to lay the foundation for Juneteenth in Joliet began January 2021 and was incubated in downtown Joliet at University of St. Francis San Bonaventure Center for Innovation.

      Serendipity Set the Stage

      June 16, 2021 – the US House passed pivotal legislation commemorating the end of slavery with a Senate bill that designated June 19th as a federal holiday under the name “Juneteenth National Independence Day.” This action acknowledged the pain of the past race relations, facilitating the uncomfortable process of healing. It additionally showcases how diversity has impacted and improved our shared quality of life. 

      YEAR 2:  Monday, June 19th (2023)

      TIME: TBD Destination Stations  

      The backdrop for cross cultural connection unfolds at an array of “Destination Stations” made up of small business and non-profit locations. The venue flanks downtown Joliet, Illinois from West Van Buren to North Chicago to East Jefferson to West Cass and North Ottawa Streets. “Destination Stations” form the backdrop for diverse interaction. Creative activities are leveraged as stimulants to induce conversation across commonalities. Visitor’s cross paths at a variety of places that intersect at the point of shared interest. Each destination station is designed to be different by alternately weaving art, storytelling, food, faith music and history in interactive formats to set stages that intentionally bridge gaps. 

      Initiates Life Affirming Action 

      • Promotes personal empowerment to act/react responsibility to enable positive changes.
      • Applies creativity as a catalyst to penetrate boundaries by opening communication channels.  
      • Provides a collaborative template to facilitate constructive conversation on common ground.

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